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If you would like a digital copy of the MN Conference United Women in Faith Directory
Please contact MN President Marion Hansen

Now Avalible

Are You Called to Serve?
We Have a Place for YOU!

In his letter to the Romans (12: 4-8), Paul tells us we each are given gifts to bless and nourish the community as one body in Christ. Might you consider serving in a role to support and ensure the mission of United Methodist Women continues?We have many officer openings at the Conference and District level. Perhaps you would consider sharing a role with another woman. We would like to extend an invitation for YOU to consider getting involved in a leadership role. Training is available to help you carry out the responsibilities of the role. 

To learn more about leadership opportunities at the Conference level, please see contact information (to the left) on this page.


To learn more about leadership roles at the District level, please contact your District Committee on Nominations Chair:

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